Fun pack Subscriptions!

Send a little snark to your own mailbox and beyond! A mystery pack filled with FINCH and HARE slightly inappropriate cards and gifts delivered right to your mailbox quarterly (every three months). Roar with laughter, then pass it on! 

Each pack includes 4-6 of our hilarious greeting cards and envelopes, an additional FINCH and HARE product, as well as occasional bonus gifts, including subscription-members-only products and sneak peeks. *Light swearing and heavy snark may be included. 

Purchase before the 21st of the month to receive that month’s pack. Subsequent packs ship out the week of the 15th every third month. 

Subscriptions automatically renew on the 1st of renewal month. Cancel anytime! Packs will continue to ship until the end of your current prepaid billing cycle, and then rebilled on the first of the next month of cycle, unless canceled at least 5 business days before renewal date. No refunds.

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