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This coworker birthday card  has a list of statements, from which you check the appropriate one/s for the birthday girl/boy. The text on the front of the folded 5x7" card:

- It’s impressive how you find things on that desk.
- You do deserve that raise, despite everything.
- I can barely hear you on personal calls, even if you’re pissed.
- Of course I believe you were really sick.
- I don’t think you are a kiss a**.
- I enjoyed your vacation photos. And the slide show.
- Thanks for bringing in you kid’s fund-raiser stuff again this year.
- I didn’t notice you left early last Friday. Or the one before that.
- You deserved all the credit you took on that project we did.
- You are an extremely detailed manager. Like micro-detailed.
- You are very creative with your expense report.
- You are getting better at remembering to add attachments.
- The sheer volume of meetings you schedule is amazing.
- You don’t let all of your missed deadlines get you down.

The FINCH + HARE logo and website, as well as a funny "legal statement" is printed on the back, to keep you out of any trouble or harassment suits. Comes with A7 envelope. Blank inside, so plenty of room for other coworkers to sign their names or write funny inside jokes on it.

© 2012 Heather Abbott. All rights reserved.

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