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This funny Happy Father's Day card allows you to pick and choose which characteristics fit your father (or step-father or father-in-law). It has a list of statements, from which you check the appropriate one/s for the recipient. The checklist includes:

- You deserve all the credit you take for my accomplishments.
- Thanks to my good upbringing, I followed all the rules of the road when I “borrowed” your car.
- The dedication you have to perfecting one meal is admirable.
- Thank you for babysitting during your nap.
- Way to not let old-fashioned etiquette stop you from bringing up religion, politics, etc.
- I bet other people think your dad jokes are really funny.
- Verifying your identity by signing your texts is so well-mannered and obsolete.
- I learned it from you, Dad. I learned it by watching you.
- Your ability to hyper-focus on ___________________ while hyper-ignoring ___________________ is impressive.

A funny "legal statement" is printed on the back, to keep you out of any trouble or harassment suits.

  • Blank inside
  • Matching envelope
  • A2 size: Folded: 4.25 x 5.5"

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