March Madness

Posted by Heather Abbott on

Portland's "February fake-out" tricked us into jumpstarting our spring cleaning in the office too soon. Snow, frost and rain for the past two weeks made us less enthusiastic to complete our ambitious plans. But promises came through for sunshine and warmth at the end of last week...thankfully because our "They are Halloween decorations!" excuse for not removing spiderwebs had become more sad than funny.



  • First-time showing at the Las Vegas Market
    • Biggest wins: $1400 on our favorite slot game - Willy Wonka - for Heather! And. of course, all the new stores and friends we met!
    • Biggest losses: Missing Kenny G playing live amongst rolls of carpeting at the Market, and Willy Wonka taking back most of Heather's winnings (and all of Kristal's).
    • Thank you to all of the stores that made orders! And a HUGE thank vou to that TSA agent that didn't take Kristal into custody after she yelled "Careful, my bag might explode!" as he went to inspect her overpacked luggage.


    • Kristal gets her ears pierced
      • Kristal sweetly volunteered to get a second ear piercing with Heather's 13-year-old.
      • Unfortunately, she was bamboozled into tipping over $150 on a $60 service. And by bamboozled, I mean she didn't pay attention to what she was doing.


    • Getting ready for Mother's/Father's Day
      • FINCH and HARE's biggest-selling season is almost upon us.
      • The postal system is slower than normal for the next two months - so prepare early.
      • If you are local to the Portland-area, come see us at the Spring Crafty Wonderland, and get your cards in person.