Feeling Low? So is your goldfish.

Posted by Sara McDonald on

The end of the year is coming, and while for some, looking forward to a new year is full of energizing hope, to others (speaking for a friend), it is a crushing realization of everything NOT accomplished over the past year. Or ten.

Anyway...if you're feeling a bit depressed, know you are not alone. Science has identified the possibility that fish can also feel depression. Yes, I said fish. As reported by Jake Rossen, a study at Troy University showed that when researchers got fish 'drunk' and then took away the good stuff, those fish became depressed. And when those fish were given antidepressants, they became happy again. Huh. Seems like kind of an untapped resource for sport fish bait manufacturers...

Of course, in the fishes' defense, I get a little depressed when someone takes away my drink, too. Glub glub.


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