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40 is also like the new third law of thermodynamics but it's less catchy & then you have to explain how 30 is like the second law of thermodynamics & I'm sure someone will say "Why second? Shouldn't 30 be the third law?" & you'll have to explain that while there are 4 laws they start with Fowler's zeroth law & everyone will get caught up on the word "zeroth" & if it really is a word or not but it is. Google it.

Folded: 40 is the new old.
Unfolded: 40 is the new 30! Don't worry - you're older but still so young and fun. Happy 40th!

  • Unique fold-out card printed on heavy card stock
  • Matching envelope
  • A6 size: Folded: 4.5 x 6.25"
    Unfolded: 13.5 x 6.25"

    SKU: FD-139-40

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