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Posted by Sara McDonald on

Hello, there! You were probably shopping for funny, clever greeting cards for a friend or relative, when luck struck, and you found the brand new Finch and Hare blog, which will subsequently be known as "the blog" in the same way the sun sets in "the west."

And speaking of the sun, are you ready for it to be briefly blocked from view in Monday's total eclipse? Much of the nation is in the grip of eclipse-mania, but some just aren't that impressed by the rare and fascinating alignment of celestial bodies. They yearn for more exciting entertainment. Luckily, someone had a stroke of thematic genius: Bonnie Tyler herself will sing her 1983 hit, "Total Eclipse of the Heart," during the event, while on a special eclipse cruise. Nothing like an 80s hit blaring from a boat while darkness speedily sweeps across the country to really make it a party.

While the eclipse is an unusual event, and Bonnie Tyler singing about a figurative eclipse during a literal eclipse is an even more unusual event, how much weirder would it have been if the song had been sung by someone else? Say...Meat Loaf? That's right, the song was originally intended to screech from the pipes of the solo Sunday-dinner titled rocker. Huh. It just might be worth hearing once or twice, but it probably wouldn't play as well on an eclipse cruise.

So, enjoy the eclipse, and stay tuned to the blog for musings and weird and interesting finds, because life can be unusual, folks. Fortunately, we can choose to laugh about it. And lucky us, we can make laughing even easier with clever, funny greeting cards from Finch and Hare, for life's more...usual...events.

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