Where (Literally) Everybody Knows Your Name

Posted by Sara McDonald on

So, you've had a long week at work, and when Friday rolls around, you can hardly wait for happy hour to head out to the pub with some coworkers (just not the guy who steals everyone's lunches) for a relaxing pint to start the weekend. But wait...what's that? You say there's no pub within reasonable distance of your workplace? Tragedy! Well, get ready to drown those troubles in a tall glass of Guinness, because now you can take back closing time and rent an inflatable Irish pub for your very own backyard. That's right, folks. Bouncy houses are so last year.

No more will the introverts, small-towners, work-from-homers, and stay-at-home-parenters be left out of the after-work social fun. Those over-the-top toddler birthday parties full of inflatable slides can now include fun for all ages. And when your neighbors express their...ahem...concern over the loud strains of "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" shattering the silence of the wee morning hours, you can smooth things over with an apropos card, like one from FINCH and HARE - because good fences make good neighbors, and so do funny cards and gifts. Sláinte!


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